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Beat Happening

Five years ago I honestly didn’t know I could be this unhealthy; on so many levels i’m close-to-death; so close-to-death it’s almost impossible. But, I used to be a lot worse. I mean, last year was hell. I wasn’t alive. That’s a slight exaggeration, but apparently my new thing is a tough lifestyle (“new” referring to my living condition since the beginning of high school). I had a feeling I’d go right back to normal once I was back home in Tacoma, but, things got strange as they always do.

Soon enough, I think I’ll be starting a sort of theological series and I’ll post them on here. I’m kind of tired of boring you with random excerpts from my life (not that that will ever end), and just being random in general, so starting soon (whatever that means) I am going to stick to a theme. I’ll be reading several books for my Christian discipleship class, and I want to see if I can personally reflect on them like I guess you’re supposed to when you read a book. If I don’t do this, I’m not sure I can get myself to do the reading. So, that’s that. Oh, and I’m back at SPU now. It’s been good, but I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed socially now that people are intentionally interacting with me or maybe it’s because I feel the need to do exactly that with everybody else, which is scary for me to an extent. Or maybe this feeling, whatever it is, is just the product of extreme sleep deprivation. I wouldn’t be surprised. Alright, enough of Nolan’s introverted unhealthy news. Thanks for reading. Enjoy your life for what it’s worth.