About Nolan


Hi, I’m Nolan.  I’m a graduate of Seattle Pacific University and a dual-degree student at Duke Divinity School and the UNC-CH School of Social Work. I’m interested in the intersections of radical theology and psychotherapy with a particular focus on how to provide better resources and support for those wounded by religious institutions. My research evaluates dominant theological anthropologies and its brutalizing effects on vulnerable populations. This pertains to a larger matrix of work I aim to engage as both a deacon of the Episcopal Church and a licensed clinical social worker specializing in the areas of human sexuality and religious trauma.

I started blogging in high school as a means of coping with and reflecting on chronic illness, namely acute insomnia and chronic fatigue—invisible disabilities that continue to affect my life in varying degrees today. These days, since writing academic essays is the bulk of what I do as a grad student, here I post more excerpts from school assignments than personal reflections. But in any case, I hope you find something that resonates. Grace and peace.


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