The Day’s Beginning

This is the third dream. They’re connected. It’s always the same place. I don’t know where it is in time or location, but it’s always the same. We start over every time. It’s like meeting someone for the first time over and over again. It’s quite beautiful actually. You’d think it’d get old, but it’s always the same in it’s enchanted thrill.

Asleep, I dreamed a little longer—running hand in hand, jumping off high places, and forgetting about this life. It was so perfect. It felt eternal. Though, I will admit that something about it put a chill down my spine the entire time. I think I subconsciously knew that it was only temporary.

But when I woke up, I chose to smile instead. I thought to myself, “This dream will be my little secret.” I turned over and was blessed to dream a little longer.

The day’s beginning.


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