The Gold Rush Analogy

So often I talk with my mom and she says something truly profound. The way she speaks wisdom is with a sense of ease as if she’s staring at the world from a high tower and knows the inner workings of life. I’m so grateful for her, and she knows how much I love her.

Today we were talking about seeking God and how it describes this in Proverbs 2:4.  She asked me if she had told me the gold rush analogy. She hadn’t, so she told me and I wanted to share it with you.

“Gold miners risk everything to strike it rich mining for gold in the wilds of Alaska and other parts of the world. These people are literally looking for treasure. Though they may not find any gold in the summer, you know they’re going to try again in the spring. They have to go through a lot of dirt to find a small speck of gold. They live for that tiny piece of gold. See, that’s how we’re supposed to seek God. Every now and again we find a piece of Him in our day and it makes our entire lives worthwhile. But, life is tough and sometimes we have to go through a good amount of dirt to see the God of gold who has everything under control.”

Revelation: seek God as if He’s buried treasure.


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