Lately Divine

I’m seeing God again. I got another glimpse of home on Friday. Something triggered it and I don’t quite remember what it was. I believe I was writing a friend’s name down during class almost like a prayer request, and for a split second I felt the joy of perfection, of all things coming to justice—the notion that N.T. Wright claims is instilled in all of us from God. It looks like a sunny afternoon—what I’d imagine dancing in an apple orchard would feel like in the midst of spring love. It looks like solitude, but it’s all of us. We’re together laughing and soaking in the beauty of being a part of life. I think to myself, “If only everyone else could see what I’m seeing right now.” We would live our lives so differently—intentionally seeking love for a greater purpose, not to receive it back but to bless those around us for the greater end, for the God of the glimpse, for our return home.


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