The 2012 Academy Awards and Other Thoughts

No doubt, Rooney was phenomenal and earned the best actress nomination. Her performance blew me away. Midnight in Paris was good too. Well, more like I fell in love with Adriana. How could I not? However, I’m not sure if it’s qualified for Best Picture or Writing (original screenplay). In my opinion, I think Dragon Tattoo should take every award for it’s soundtrack and overall mix and mastering alone. And, hell, best cinematography too. I liked it that much.

On not an entirely different note, I discovered the soundtrack to The Social Network. I mean, I knew about it before and had it, but never gave it a real chance until rather recently. Each track contains some musical nuance that is just genius. The layers of instrumentation for the score seem to fall in close proximity to the notion that Eno recorded under for Small Craft on a Milk Sea, which was to create music that was entirely new to people by pairing various musical textures with one’s they typically don’t go with. So, what you get, for instance, is a Japanese sounding darkwave pop song that in a strange makes you feel happy and hopeful because it’s paired with major chord drones or possibly dissonant sounds with pretty piano on top of it. This doesn’t make sense to us at the time, but once we let it grow on us our conscious perceptions become widened to more emotions and more realities, and that’s cool. That’s modernity that I want to be a part of. Or is it postmodern? I doubt it because they’re not moving away from anything. Well, in a way that’s exactly what they’re doing, but the important thing is that they are using everything at their disposal—computers, new instruments, collaborative artists, great software, and original ideas to achieve something new that’s never been done before. There’s something about modern artists like Reznor & Eno that’s just right. Ross too, but Reznor is clearly in the forefront. NIN is obviously good. It’s just weird to listen to them without headphones because people make weird faces and say stupid things when they overhear it. But this shouldn’t surprise me. Katy Perry’s not in the band.


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