Anonymous Philosophies

“I view life as a gift of which I have no inner responsibility. I just experience things.”

– Guy at Blue Moon Burgers


One thought on “Anonymous Philosophies”

  1. “Life, like holiness, can be known only by being experienced. To experience it is not to ‘figure it out’ or even to understand it, but to suffer it and rejoice in it as it is. In suffering it and rejoicing in it as it is, we know that we do not and cannot understand it completely. We know, moreover, that we do not wish to have it appropriated by somebody’s claim to have understood it. Though we have life, it is beyond us. We do not know how we have it, or why. We do not know what is going to happen to it, or to us. It is not predictable; though we can destroy it, we cannot make it. It cannot, except by reduction and the grave risk of damage, be controlled. It is holy. To think otherwise is to enslave life, and to make, not humanity, but a few humans its predictably inept masters…to treat life as less than a miracle is to give up on it.” -Wendell Berry.

    It’s funny, I just read this quote and was ruminating over it when I read your post. It seems we’re both contemplating the same thing today.

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