Fremont Ave N & N 34th. Raining slush. Freezing my bag of bones. Brave, I look up the street with squinting eyes and see Starbucks of which I promised myself I would never go to unless I was in an emergency. This was clearly an emergency. I was miserable in the cold, had thirty minutes to spare, and was probably a little thirsty if I needed another reason. So, I took my shivering body by the hand walked it over to the coffee shop. Warm air greeted us. I looked at the menu and the lady who worked there rushed me along as I’m sure she’s used to Starbucks addicts who know exactly what they want without even looking at the options. I picked what I thought to be a warm coffee drink known as a frappacino. We all know that this is a nice summer drink for those days when it’s eighty degrees out. I had forgotten this. Long story short, I’m in Starbucks shivering just like I was outside because my drink is made of ice. I check the time and see that it’s twelve minutes before the bus is scheduled to come by, so I figure I should go to the bus stop and wait there just in case the bus is early. As I stand up what do I see but the bus across the street from inside Starbucks arrive at the bus stop. I sprint outside and try to make it to the bus, but the traffic is too dense and I miss it. So here I am back where I started even colder than I was before with a half full frappacino in my hand freezing to death knowing that I just missed the bus for a cold drink. The only good thing to come out of this was that I got to have another interesting conversation with a stranger at the bus stop since the bus ended up being twenty minutes late meaning we were standing there for about fourty five minutes.

I’m not going to be back in Starbucks for a good while. I mean, it’s too late. I already spent my money and I’m officially part of the problem. I just don’t know anything about coffee drinks, and I don’t care because they cost way too much for me to be concerned about anyways.  Yes, the snow was pretty but I was absolutely freezing for a number of reasons that I can laugh about now.

Life can be funny sometimes.


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