“Why do you get the magic carpet?”

Even though it wasn’t our most polished night, there was still something magical and divine about group tonight. It being the first group of the quarter and of the new year, we were all a bit nervous, but that always seems to bring us together in a beautiful way. Lately, I’ve been growing aware of the fact that group is changing my life and in wonderful ways that will last a very long time if not forever. It’s very time consuming, but I like that. As of tonight my brain is officially doing a ton of processing of a number of different things which are consuming me at this time. Classes, time management, food, Jesus, insomnia, loneliness, lots of reading, girls, guys, bands (plural), group, religion, family issues, talent show stuff, and having radical thoughts about the future are all going through my internal filter. But, for what it’s worth, I feel a deep sense of purpose in all of the craziness like there’s a reason for all of this. It’s as if all the chaos is just the pieces to the grand puzzle of the next stage in my life, and let me tell you, I am so excited for what’s to come of it. So, here’s to closing chapters and new beginnings. (cheesy, I know)

* Check out the updated group tumblr. We got to use one of my favorite verses for the benediction!

Okay, bye for now beautiful people.

— Nolan


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