Welcome Time

Well, here we are. We’ve all made it to the year twenty twelve. Congratulations and blessings to you all as I’m sure you’ve come a long way and have far yet to go in your precious journeys here on earth. The beginning of this year finds me in a spiritual fog. For the past couple months I’ve really been reassessing my faith. With my nose in books covering world religions and why one should and shouldn’t be a Christian, I’ve really got my hands quite full. I want to know why people believe or don’t believe that Jesus was who he said to be. I want to know exactly why they are Christians or not. I need to have an answer to this question. I feel the strongest conviction of this. Truthfully, I’ve been brought back to what seems like square one, not quite sure what it is I believe. I’m hoping to discover truth as I get on my hands and knees and confess my emptiness to whatever listens. What can I give to non believers if I don’t know what it is I stand for? What if the opportunity arises for me to explain my faith to curious ears? I would fail if I couldn’t vouch for my God, and let me confess to you and to myself that this has happened on more than one occasion. I should be ashamed of myself, and I am, and out of this comes my spiritual winter where I reside now. It’s cold and it’s lonely, but the more I learn for myself the warmer I become and the closer I come to seeing the light. Out of darkness will come truth and like a ghost I will rise over old streets with new eyes. Happy new year, Nolan. Remember this one.


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