I’m realizing that I actually know very little about what it means to be a Christian.  But, this is an encouragement to me because if I knew everything I wouldn’t have the desire to pursue God anymore.  One of the most prominent things that I’ve been learning lately in my theology classes is how it’s one thing to say things about Christ, but it’s how you live your life that really matters.  You could know the Bible well, have knowledge of basic theology, and be philosophically knowledgeable, but what are you doing?  That’s what counts because as a Christian we have a mission.  This is convicting to me because honestly I’ve been a lot of talk and not so much action.  That’s wrong of me, and I should be ashamed of myself.  We must resurrect this notion that we are free to act out God’s will.  When it comes to Kingdom principles, are we doing God’s bidding in our community?  We’re not doing anything if every morning we’re praying, “God use me. Use me. Use me.” and we don’t do a damn thing for God.  The first century church is a good example of how Christians should live out their faith.  Their lives were a testimony to their faith.  They were witnessing to the community with a dynamic explosive faith.  Where did we go wrong? We shoot our own in the back.  Pastors leave the Church and we persecute them when we’ve got skeletons of our own in our closet.  We need to be able to talk about our own faith with people who don’t believe without judging them and becoming our own God.  Saying what we believe to a lost generation is part of the ministry of the Church.

The world isn’t impressed with Christians right now.  The Roman government used to fear Christians.  They had to kill them.  Something’s gone wrong, hasn’t it?  Christianity has become a word and not a radical way of life where one seeks Christ with ever fiber of their being.  We need to be working in a way that our daily witness just draws people into the Kingdom of God.  Maybe it’s that we feel inadequate. There’s no way we could bring people to Christ.  It’s too big a task.  There’s no way we could live out our faith.  That’s too scary when the world around us is walking in the opposite direction of the Lord. There are things we’ve forgotten, hard truth that we have pushed to the side, and things we’ve become that are far from being labeled “Christian”, which, used to be a derogatory term meaning “little Christs” that was given to people that were living their life in a way that could be compared to Jesus.  We’ve forgotten that God fights our battles for us.  We’re consumers and we don’t live out what we consume (sermons, the Bible, etc.).  We’ve become ingrown.  We can be with other Christians but not non-Christians.  We’ve forgotten that Jesus identified with all kinds of people and welcomed them.  And, we can’t forget that it’s not us that are doing the teaching; it’s the Holy Spirit.  But, He does need us to be well equipped to do that, which is why lukewarm Christianity isn’t good for anything.  Anyway, the action of living out one’s faith has really hit home for me.   It’s forcing me to ask myself if my life validates the story of the Bible because the way in which you live your life is your living testimony. That’s a hard truth.


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