I found myself on a bus tonight, and there was this guy sitting a few rows back who must have been around twenty three years old who was reminiscing over his cell phone rather loudly about some poor decision he and his friend had made one night. He was wearing an unbuttoned black flannel with a black t-shirt underneath which had a giant picture of Kramer on it. This is what I heard (and yes, I wrote all of this down as it was happening as I do whenever I hear something interesting):

“Who the hell did we even know to get to that party? It was insane. Remember you got so drunk that you blacked out? I think it’s because driving is so second nature to you that you got home safe. But, damn, we were dead. We really shouldn’t have done that let alone drive that night. That was messed up. It’s no wonder none of us have a car anymore. See this is why we’re best friends, you know that right? Because we’re the only one’s who get this kind of humor. I mean, I don’t think it’s good if anyone gets it. It’s retarded humor.”

Eventually, I was the only person left on the bus. It was just me and the asian bus driver both on our way down the hill in the night rain. It’s nights like these that remind me that God is real because I can hear Him laughing, but also crying.


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