Dreaming… Always Dreaming

If I had it my way, i’d meet Kermit and Yoda face to face. Both of them have had a real impact on me—the way they smile with their eyes and exhale truth out of love. I imagine we’d make a day out of it. We’d sit on a grass hill in the shape of a heart (or a triangle rather) and tell stories of times before. Like this one time, I believed in myself. And let me tell you, after doubting your capacity of significance for quite some time, suddenly having confidence in yourself is one of the most blissful feelings in the world, and God smiles too, which is always awesome. So, I put myself on and loved people as best as a little person can do. I always try to imagine a world emancipated from interested exchange, a place free from the extortion of surplus. Even if it is a little too naive or too utopian of me, I don’t see what is wrong with trying to imagine a world where we share everything with each other for free. Why not love others for free? Kermit? Yoda? Thoughts?


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