Back Again

My writing has been on hiatus for some time now. It seems life is more of a taste than a color these days. You can feel free to decode that and understand why I’ve been ignoring you lately.

There was an unidentified flying insect next to my pillow last night. I was about to tickle its wings and make it fly away from my comfort zone, when I decided I’d leave it alone. Insects have their rights, don’t they? I thought of all the times I had been kicked out of line where I most surely had a right to stand—a lectio divina of sorts. I opened my eyes, out of teleportation, to find my little friend gone without a trace, no note or nothin. She sure knows how to make me smile, though, playing hard to get, leaving me with scenes in my head that lead to dreams at night. It’s been a while, I thought, since I’ve done much of that.

There’s this thing I keep thinking of. I write about it in my little book that nobody sees, and it helps, but you know, life’s a taste. If the current days had a color, I’d have let you know of the hues of blues and reds and yellows and greens, but that’s not the case as I just said. Weren’t you listening? God, in the midst of a time where important decisions are my life and scary situations are all I see, give me sanity, give me truth, give me You. Amen.

(Nolan opens his eyes from prayer…)

Wow, if only you could see the color of the world right now from the angle I’m sitting, from the eyes I’m gazing through. I see the new light slanting through the old growth. God lives.


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