Only Child

I’ve been thinking. This could potentially be extremely outdated news for some of you, but anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that the suffering or the bad memories are just as important as the good memories and the good experiences. If you can imagine life as being 99% of the time quite linear, then it becomes apparent that most of the time you’re in a state of neither happiness nor sadness. In that 1% of the time, you experience moments of very crystalized happiness, or sadness, or loneliness, or depression, and I believe all of those moments are potent. For me it’s mostly those crystalized moments of melancholy that are more of an inspiration to me. In a strange way they become quite beautiful in their own way.  Music that is sad or melancholic is, in a kind of perverse way, more uplifting. I mostly find happy music extremely depressing. It’s particularly this happy music that has no spirituality behind it. If it’s just mindless party music, it’s quite depressing really because it’s so empty. This stems from my belief that happiness is something that can be faked, and can easily be put into a malleable medium such as music. What’s important is that sadness or whatever other feeling of melancholia is not so easily fabricated from scratch, which is why depression is so closely linked to loneliness because we’re not surrounded by a culture that embraces sadness. But, largely speaking, I’d say I’ve always been the kind of person who responds more to melancholia, and it makes me feel good. I think the reason for this is if you respond strongly to that kind of art it’s because, in a way, it makes you feel like you’re not alone. So, when we hear a very sad song, for instance, it makes us realize that we do share this common human experience. We’re all bonded in sadness, or melancholia, or depression.


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