I have the strangest dreams before surgery.

So, he knocks me out with gas like the old days. You know how he would knock you out, then you’d wake up and the dentist would have finished whatever he was going to do (rip your teeth out or whatever it is). Anyway, in this dream I’m at the dentist and I wake up from the procedure. Instead of removing my tooth, the dentist hands me my head, and it’s in this kind of glass goldfish bowl. And, I take it from him and put it under my arm. So, I’m carrying my head under my arm. I’m walking out of the dentist surgery, and the dentist and the dental nurses are standing at the top of the steps smiling and waving. It’s like something out of Little House on the Prairie or something. As I’m walking down the steps with my head I trip over and fall down the steps, and my head rolls down the steps and it rolls across the street. On the other side of the road there’s this field of corn, and my head rolls into this field of corn and out of sight. I’m crawling across the road on my hands and knees and into this corn field searching with my hands to try and find my head. Then, I think to myself, “I’m dreaming in reverse.”


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