Here, The Sky Takes Its Time

You want to know something? I’ve been in a state of contentment for a long time. I don’t want to be anywhere else other than right here right now—nothing in the past, nothing in the future. I’m happy. I wake to the sound of running water, and that sound is precisely what will put me to sleep tonight. I sleep next to a clock, which tells me nothing other than “Nolan, you’re completely and utterly lost in this world,” but I’m thankful for it because it reminds me of my grandeur of existence.

I wish you could see what I see right now. I see a tall oak tree closing its eyes with the clouds as they head north towards their beds. I hear my family laughing together as I type this, and I’m finding solace knowing that no matter what happens, this has been enough. I have no regrets. The size of the universe and the beauty that it holds is beyond what we can comprehend.  Plus, a life that is all about death is no life at all. A vast narrow and tedious mountain trail told me that today. Maybe you were the watermelon in my bowl, or the last blog post which I quoted almost word for word from somewhere else, or perhaps you were the one I met this afternoon down by the creek. Whatever you were, whoever you are, thanks for bringing me to this moment. Try living in it.


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