Believe what you want, but I’m convinced that about a month ago I vividly experienced in a dream more than I ever have before what eternal life is going to feel like. I know how it sounds, but I think I had a vision, and I believe this dream was from God.

The previous afternoon I had been discussing Heaven and the concept of eternal life with some friends and what it is going to be like. I think a lot of us get caught up in wondering what Heaven is going to look like, when the real question should be “how is it going to feel?”. I understand that at the forefront eternal life is going to be unmediated fellowship with God. Anyways, I’ll tell you about the dream, which won’t take long because it was more of a feeling than anything else.

There was a group of us in an open-walled room in the middle of endless brown grasslands. Somehow we were all engaged in conversation at the same time, even when silent. It was like ideal socializing. Nothing any of us said hurt one another, rather it filled us up and kept us alive in love. Eventually, we all got on a sleigh, which had no animal to pull us. It didn’t seem weird at the time. And, I was seated front and center giving me a great view of the horizon. For a split moment I looked out at the line where the sky touched the ground and got such a good feeling because I realized nothing was stopping us from running to it and playing in it. We could run forever and never get tired. It was at that moment that I felt home. I fell in love with everything. I realized that the grass hills were made for us. This entire place, this whole experience was all for us. The sleigh pulled us all over this place, and fast too. It was the most fun I had ever had. I looked up and the entire sky was like that of a rainbow. It was so many colors. I’d never been happier. We jumped off the sleigh and landed on the ground, which was soft. It didn’t hurt to fall anymore. We were all experiencing perfect communion with one another and this place. Also, I didn’t experience time. It takes time for me to explain this, yes, but it was everything at once. It was peace and freedom to love all to the far ends of joy, and it was amazing because it was God and I got to live in His world.


One thought on “Vacation”

  1. This leaves me with tears in my eyes. Now they are down my face. The description is so vivid; the feelings so wonderful. It feels so safe. This is what it will be like when we are with God.

    Who are you, this author son of mine? You are surely a gift from God. How blessed I am.

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