Christian Discipleship 6

Lately I’ve been stepping out of my body and looking at my life and the decisions I make wondering what I’m really after with my life. Can I truly trust Jesus with my life? Do my choices reflect a strong faith in Christ? I don’t know yet. Most of us spend a lot of time sleeping, but we don’t want to be sleeping people. I think it’s our actions that form us the most, which is why I think there’s truth to the saying “fake it till you make it.” In terms of spirituality, however, I think you need to believe before you can even begin to fake it productively because what’s the purpose of not really having faith in Christ but pretending you do? That’s called lukewarm Christianity and should be avoided at all costs. Mind you, I’m not being hypocritical.

I used to hate the idea of church because it seemed to me to be one giant reflection on the Jesus of Israel. I didn’t see the point. I was born in 1992. I was looking for a modern breed of Christianity, and I suppose I’m still very much interested in hearing about the activity of the Holy Spirit now and what God can do for me. I would submit that the reason why the churches in the west don’t do a good job of mobilizing the people of God is because we like to call the shots. Too often the church isn’t concerned with the Holy Spirit. I don’t think we really believe that God is here and now. But the fact is that God is no less near to us than He was two thousand years ago. I think it’s because we can’t physically see Jesus’ eyes that we unconsciously put the reality of the Holy Spirit on top of our heads rather than under our feet to act as the foundation for our lives and every decision we make. Ultimately, your faith should determine your works.  Truthfully, I set huge machines in motion to arrive nowhere. So, if faith is revealed in the choices you make, in the way you live your life, then am I faithful? This is a good question to be asking.

I learned this week that God is not in our control. Again, this seems like common sense like I say each week, but I rarely think about this. To be honest, it’s rather annoying. I wish I could tell God what to do. Well, that’s not entirely true. I do tell God what to do sometimes, if not explicitly, then I think it at times. I’ll pray like a good person and pretend in front of God and in front of myself that I am surrendering myself completely to His will, but I know that’s not true. There’s something wrong here, and personally, I believe it comes back to what we believe about Jesus. Jesus said that it was for our benefit that He was going away. He was bound to His body, but His spirit has no boundaries. The Holy Spirit doesn’t have to bother with the messy human confounds. This means that God is one hundred percent present in the world. This changes everything if you understand it for it’s worth, and I’m not saying I’m even close to understanding it fully. We see in Jesus that God’s work was and is reconciliation through Christ. Thus, we all have the same vocation, which is to be disciples of Jesus and reconcile the world. That seems simple enough. You can’t really miss your calling. And, with this, I re-enter my body and ask myself what is a good decision, the best choice I could make in terms of where I direct my time that will bring about the Kingdom of God because, after all, I rest my faith in what is now the Holy Spirit.



One thought on “Christian Discipleship 6”

  1. This is similar to what I read in Forgotten God over the weekend. It’s interesting how God said that it is better for Him to leave so then the Holy Spirit can come. I had never thought about that before I read it today. SO interesting!

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